On–Site Paper/Document Shredding Services

A-1 Shredding can service clients large and small. There are purge and one time paper shredding services. Or, we have regularly scheduled service intervals for any business that need paper recycling.

Did your office just go paperless? You've scanned everything into the new system but what do you do with all those boxes and boxes of unneeded records? Shredding and recycling is the only real answer.

Does your business or office generate forms, documents, and paper that havecustomer names, phone numbers, account numbers, addresses, socialsecurity numbers and the like?

Are you cleaning up your garageand need to shred and recycle those old tax returns? What do you do every month with all those credit card applications and bill statements?

A One Time Purge is designed to collect as much as you need into secured containers. When you've filled the locked paper recycle bins we come and shred the contents on site. Get together with a couple of neighbors to share a bin. Or clear the old records from your clinic or accounting office.

Paper shredding services whether weekly, every other week or once a month can be set up for businesses of any size. Shred those documents and papers that have Social Security numbers, account numbers, and other sensitive information/data.

Regularly Scheduled Paper Shredding Services

  • Paper shredding service geared toward your business or individual needs. Our mobile paper shredding and recycling truck comes to your location , biweekly, or monthly.
  • Secure paper recycling containers are provided rent free for you to fill at your pace and on your schedule. Because the containers are locked your information is safe until we arrive.
  • Mobile on-site paper shredding - nothing leaves your location intact. We shred the contents of your bins at your location while you watch.

Office Relocation Paper Shredding Services

An office move is the perfect time to properly shred and recycle those outdated, yet still confidential, files.Paper shredding and recycling helps your move because:

  • Don't move old files and records
  • Less to move means time and money savings
  • Outdated records don't need to take up space in your new office
  • Make a fresh clean start in your new location

One–Time Paper Shredding Services

  • On–demand paper shredding service when you need a one–time service
  • Your paper is shredded and recycled by state of the art equipment on–site
  • Paper recycling containers provide a secure place to collect your material until it's shredded
  • We can also shred and recycle years of records directly from the boxes you've already filled

Residential Paper Shredding Services

Old papers, documents, and documents are found in the home and in the attic too.

  • Financial records – tax returns, bank statements, checks, receipts, etc.
  • Credit card applications
  • Correspondence

You don't want these papers going into the garbage or a recycling bin to be left on the curb where anyone can get to them.

  • We can come to your residence and shred paper on site.
  • Share a paper recycle bin with a few neighbors.
  • By appointment you can also drop paper and documents at our location to get it shredded.